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March 24, 2012
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Florence Ambrose Maid Outfit Fanart by Twokinds Florence Ambrose Maid Outfit Fanart by Twokinds
I decided over the weekend to work some fanart for one of my favorite webcomics, Freefall, due to recent events in the comic. This was the result. For those of you who do not read Freefall, I'd recommend you do! It's a long-running series (over 2000 pages spanning 13 years) and one of the principle inspirations for me as a comic artist. However, to give a little context:

Florence Ambrose is a member of a genetically engineered species known as a Bowman's Wolf. While entirely biological, her brain is designed with human safeguards in place, just as it is with synthetic AIs. One of these safeguards includes obeying direct orders from humans of authority. This becomes a problem when she is ordered to wear a french maid outfit [link] and an even bigger problem when she is later ordered to stop. [link]

If you would like to read the comic in its entirety, it can be found here: [link]

Florence Ambrose and Freefall are owned by Mark Stanley.

(And I am quite aware my version of Flo looks a lot like Natani in my style. I tried to avoid it, but in the end, they are both upright brown wolves with hair. =D )
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EDROTH Dec 22, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I asked a question about freefall before but I see I was just ignorant. You know freefall very well.
Nice pic. Instant fav.
MinecraftBrian Dec 15, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
That discription of her sounds familiar from a movie.
she is so cute!! i love it!! 
Heart Heart 
:iconbubblesishot46853: cute!!  May I hug her please?
ZestyBomb Aug 7, 2013  Student General Artist
Well . . . not TOO much like Natani. The face shape is understandable but Flo's nose is bigger than Natani's (although it could be the color difference). Her tail is also different (Curlier) and her hair is WAY different to Nat's (Nat's is longer and smoother)

Sorry but is she a robot or what?!
She's an organic AI...

She's the product of genetic engineering, completely organic, but her mind is genetically modified to act just as a robot's would, with a bit more freedom of will due to it being organic and all

So kind of, she's an organic robot
Thanks but i figered that out after finely reading the comic
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